Altair Released its 2021 Simulation Software Update


Altair Released its 2021 Simulation Software Update

Altair Engineering, Inc., a global technology company providing software and cloud solutions, announced updated solver technologies and enhanced user experiences with the release of its 2021 simulation software update. It brings new electronic system design toolset enabling engineers developing smart, connected devices to collaborate on all aspects of physical, logical, thermal, electrical, and mechanical design.

The notable updates include Improved simulation and optimization of wireless connectivity, particularly 5G and electromagnetic compatibility; Visual firmware development now supports more widely used microcontroller families; More capabilities for printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication, assembly, and end-of-line testing; and Expanded workflows simplify and automate analysis of structural stress, vibration, thermal, and drop-test performance for non-experts.

The company’s improved simulation of real-world product performance is addressed through expanded modeling and visualization user experience, co-simulation of fluids and discrete elements, aeroelastic effects of aircraft wings analyzation, and Altair’s SimSolid™ (a faster simulation technology for designers, engineers, and analysts). Furthermore, all simulation products are supported by the new Altair Material Data Center, which includes the largest number of plastic materials and properties available on the market.

The new updates will help customers advance development of smart and connected products across a wide spectrum of industries, from automotive and aerospace to energy, healthcare, and high tech, by leveraging 5G, electromagnetics, and the Internet of Things.

“In addition to accelerated simulation of real-world product performance and expanded simulation-driven design for manufacturing functionality, this release brings a robust end-to-end electronic system design toolset to our customers,” explained James R Scapa, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Altair. “The latest updates to our simulation solutions enable customers to develop complex products more profitably by simulating 5G connectivity, electronic board level performance, modern manufacturing processes, and more.”

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