mechatronic systemtechnik’s Calotte Loader for Process Traceability


mechatronic systemtechnik’s Calotte Loader for Process Traceability

Automation equipment supplier for semiconductor wafer handling, mechatronic systemtechnik GmbH announced the availability of the mWL.cs mechatronic calotte loader. It is a fully automated stand-alone system for transferring wafers between cassettes and calottes, which enables integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) an opportunity to increase yield and improve process traceability through host notification of (Wafer / Cassette / Segment) ID, and position in the segment.

 The additional key features of the calotte loader include superior handling accuracy and repeatability with hand-off position measurement and auto-teaching capabilities (<50µm), as well as redundancy through two loading areas for continuous processing. In addition to impressive transfer times with high throughput of up to 240 wph helping ROI within two years, and dual size handling ( customizable to handle 4”, 6”, 8”, or 6” & 8” dual size) with a small footprint of less than 7 m2.

“Automating the wafer loading and unloading system for evaporation type metal deposition is a step that bears much potential,” explained Stefan Detterbeck, Sales Director, mechatronic systemtechnik GmbH. “By eliminating human error from the equation, our system enables manufacturers to achieve higher yield and reduce damage to wafers. Enhanced process traceability also supports quality improvement measures to meet the conformity requirements of critical customer industries.”

An expert in fully automated handling systems for non-standard substrates and handling requirements, the company recognizes and addresses the semiconductor industry need for the handling of ultra-sensitive substrates used in modern new wafer fabrication technologies. The company’s deep expertise and proprietary technologies offer manufacturers with safe, reliable systems that handle non-standard substrates with ease and confidence.

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