Pepperl+Fuchs Event on Digitalization in Service & Maintenance

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Pepperl+Fuchs Event on Digitalization in Service & Maintenance


Recently held Online Pepperl+Fuchs Summit focused on the topic of "Digitalization in Service and Maintenance". Experts from the company Ecom and other partner companies highlighted several exciting applications from the process industry and provided insight into the future of smart maintenance.

Key issues like the below were discussed and addressed at length.

For a long time, mobile devices have been used for much more than communication. What role do smartphones and tablets currently play in inspection and servicing in industrial environments and hazardous areas? How have the working environment and working methods changed since mobile devices were introduced? What are the key advantages of this for users and businesses?

Remote assistance and predictive maintenance have become popular buzzwords in the age of Industry 4.0. What do these two concepts encompass and what challenges do businesses face during their implementation? 

Experts estimate that remote support for maintenance tasks will account for 60 % of augmented reality applications in the future. What challenges does this pose and what potential can this offer for maintenance?

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