FPT Industrial Partners Green Pea for Sustainable Energy Model


FPT Industrial Partners Green Pea for Sustainable Energy Model

FPT Industrial, a brand of CNH Industrial, partners with Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park in the world, in Turin, next to Eataly in the Lingotto area. The company has a large exhibition area inside the Green Pea Discovery Museum, which has been interpreted by the brand as an educational area where the public can be brought closer to the themes of technology, sustainable mobility, and the scenarios of a city of the future. The Cursor X - a concept of the engine of the future designed for Planet Earth - will be put on display, suspended as a real art installation from the ceiling, surrounded by four screens which speak of its genesis, particularities, and uses.

Green Pea came from an idea of Oscar Farinetti and is entirely made from recycled and recyclable materials, according to the philosophy of second life, as well as being completely dismantlable. The site is dedicated to the theme of ‘Respect’ and a modern way of consuming goods and services of high-quality sustainable products and services on 15,000 sq mt spread over five floors, primarily Made in Italy, but with little or no environmental impact. There are 66 shops, a museum, three restaurants, a swimming pool, a spa, and a Club dedicated to creative idleness for visitors to enjoy. Green Pea also provides experiences, events, and all the services necessary and available to live Green, in addition to its commercial aspect.

Elaborating on the company's experience, technological advancements, and environmental sustainability projects especially on new forms of alternative propulsion, Carlo Moroni, Head of Communication, FPT Industrial, added, “FPT Industrial’s commitment to sustainability reflects CNH Industrial’s identical focus on the matter - its leadership in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe was recently confirmed for the tenth consecutive time. The partnership with Green Pea is a further step on our path towards an increasingly complete and integrated sustainability-a sustainability capable of responding to the needs of the inhabitants of Planet Earth, without depleting its resources.”

In alignment with the Green Pea’s vision and philosophies, Francesco Farinetti, CEO, Green Pea, explained, “This is why we have chosen FPT Industrial to present the engine of the future in the Green Pea Discovery Museum. It is a true jewel of the powertrain sector, which aims to reduce fuel consumption and eliminate CO2 emissions. FPT Industrial has made sustainability an essential core value as well as a cornerstone of its entrepreneurial success, and here in this space we have come together to build something truly innovative and unique within Green Pea.”

For more information: www.fptindustrial.com