Greaves Engineering Revolutionizes the Power Generation Landscape with CPCB IV+ Compliant Gensets


Greaves Engineering Revolutionizes the Power Generation Landscape with CPCB IV+ Compliant Gensets

Greaves Engineering, the engineering division of Greaves Cotton Ltd (GCL), has introduced its range of new CPCB IV+ Compliant Gensets, adhering to the latest standard set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). With a focus on addressing growing consumer demand for high-performance, reliable, and sustainable power solutions, Greaves Engineering is offering CPCB IV+ compliant gensets across its diverse product portfolio, ranging from 5 kVA to 500 kVA in the < 800kW segment. CPCB IV+ compliant gensets produce approximately 90 percent less NOx and particulate matter (PM), thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making this range a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit of powering India sustainably in the < 800 kW segment. The company also offers gensets from 1010 kVA up to 2500 kVA.

With an extensive product portfolio ranging from compact models tailored for residential use, to heavy-duty units designed for commercial and industrial applications, Greaves Engineering helps power India’s progress across sectors such as Malls, Manufacturing, Realty - Residential & Commercial, Infrastructure, Railways, Airports, Hospitals, BFSI, Educational institutions, Petrol stations, Data centers, Sports facilities, Government facilities, Warehousing, Temples, and more.

Building on its fuel-agnostic strategy, Greaves Engineering is also ready with gensets that use biodiesel and ethanol. Their deep-skirted crankcase design ensures a lightweight but robust construction, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing portability. Engineered to operate smoothly in temperatures ranging from -5°C to 50°C, they are renowned as silent performers for their noise-free experience.

Dr Arup Basu, Managing Director, Greaves Cotton Ltd, said, “The new CPCB IV+ compliant range of gensets is a testament to Greaves Engineering’s commitment to providing cutting-edge power solutions that are both environmentally responsible and operationally robust. The new CPCB regulation will be a key strategic move, guiding the industry towards a more sustainable trajectory. Regulations like these are crucial to meeting India’s aspiration to achieve net zero status by 2070.”

With over 50 years of presence in the industry and 1 lakh+ gensets operational across diverse applications, Greaves Engineering has been a reliable name in the power generation segment across India and across the SAARC region, the Middle East, and Africa. It is the only company in India that manufactures its gensets ground up at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Talegaon and attests to Indian manufacturing excellence. Notably, these gensets powered India’s third scientific expedition to Antarctica in 1983 and continue to power vital institutions for diverse applications across India.

Customers can avail of Greaves Engineering’s over 120+ service network nationwide, which offers single window service support as well as 24/7 service support and live remote monitoring through the ‘Greaves 1 app’. Additionally, customers benefit from a standard warranty of 5 years or 5,000 operation hours.


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