Shyam Metalics Expands Rail Infrastructure to Boost Steel Plant Efficiency


Shyam Metalics Expands Rail Infrastructure to Boost Steel Plant Efficiency

Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd (SMEL) announced the expansion of its rail infrastructure at its integrated steel plant located in village Pandloi near Rengali, Sambalpur district, Odisha. This initiative supports the company’s long-term goal of continuous expansion and achieving sustainable growth. SMEL’s integrated steel plant, which also includes a coal washery and power plant, has witnessed significant growth in recent years. To meet the demands of this expanded capacity, the company has identified the need to improve its rail infrastructure for efficient handling of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods.

Previously, the plant operated with two dedicated railway lines for managing raw material intake and finished goods dispatch. As part of the expansion plan, completed in 2023, SMEL has increased the number of lines to four. This includes a lead line branching off from Rengali station, along with three branch lines and an engine escape line. This upgraded infrastructure, approved by the Indian Railway through a DPR (Detailed Project Report) in 2015, is now fully operational, with overhead electrification completed and commissioned. This expansion will enable the company’s plant to handle more than 110 rakes in a month.

On the development, Brij Bhushan Agarwal, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, SMEL, says, “Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd remains committed to continuous improvement and operational excellence. The expansion of the rail infrastructure is a testament to this commitment, and the planned addition of a wagon tippler by 2028 will further solidify SMEL’s position as a leading player in the steel industry.”

Stressing that the plant’s expansion has significantly boosted its capacity, necessitating more efficient rail operations, he added, “Previously, the infrastructure managed an average of two incoming rakes daily, which was sufficient for the earlier plant capacity. However, with the plant’s enhanced capacity, the current rail infrastructure can handle approximately 60 percent of the increased volume of inward raw materials and outward rakes for finished goods. To fully realize the plant’s potential and improve operational efficiency, SMEL plans to introduce a wagon tippler by 2028. This critical addition will streamline rail operations, facilitating faster turnaround times, and increasing rail handling capacity by 100 percent.”

While the expansion to four lines will further improve operational efficiency, the current infrastructure can only manage around 60 percent of the increased volume of raw materials and finished goods. To bridge this gap and unlock the plant’s full potential, SMEL plans to introduce a wagon tippler by 2028. The addition of a wagon tippler will considerably improve the speed and efficiency of rail operations at the plant. This crucial equipment will allow for faster turnaround times for wagons, enabling SMEL to achieve a 100 percent increase in rail operations. This will ensure a smooth flow of raw materials and finished goods, further supporting the company’s growth trajectory.


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